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Good loans to get
you going again.

Loans you can afford

What you can use our loans for

  • Household goods and appliances

    Household goods and appliances

    such as fridges, washing machines, stoves, heaters and furniture

  • Medical and dental services

    Medical and dental services

  • Education essentials and expenses

    Education essentials and expenses

    such as computers, uniforms, text books and course fees

  • Cars and car expenses

    Second-hand cars and car expenses

    such as car repairs, tyres and registration

  • Emergency costs

    Emergency costs

    such as plumbing and electrical expenses, and home repairs

  • And more

    And more

Other ways we can help

Good2Go Now Customer

Buying service offering discounts on brand new electrical appliances purchased through the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) and StepUP loans.

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Good Insurance Customer

Affordable, simple car and contents insurance offering flexible payment options to people on low incomes.

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LaunchMe Customer

Supports aspiring small business owners on low incomes in South Australia with the opportunity to get their business up and running through individualised support and access to finance.

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